作爲中國建材行業的領導者,TATA提出“鄰居計劃”——走出建材市場,走近客戶身旁!篩選新建房交付,業主集中裝修的地産項目與二手房交易和舊房翻新密度較高的社區,推廣一種新形態、新模式、新消費者關系的TATA新終端TATA C店.

TATA C店,麻雀雖小五髒俱全,産品體驗、出樣展示、客戶洽談、設計服務等功能,一應俱全.與此同時,TATA C店更重要的經營理念是成爲每一位業主裝修過程中的:好鄰居、好顧問、好幫手.

深度模塊化設計,滿足不同區位、不同市場環境的店鋪,差異化定制的需要;更是爲快速開店提供了先決保障。通過對材料、工藝的合理選擇,加之模塊化展示道具的批量生産,TATA C店將極大降低建店成本,減輕店主負擔。

TATA C店,也將以集裝箱快閃店等更新奇、跟先進、更實用的方式,不斷探索裝飾建材行業發展的方向,不斷創造新的TATA奇迹!

2018, China's home building materials industry has undergone changes: the brand seeks new changes; e-commerce has sprung up; new retail is on the rise; many operators say that traditional building materials stores: fewer customers, higher costs, where should we go?

As a leader in China's building materials industry, TATA proposes a “neighbor plan” – stepping out of the building materials market and approaching customers! Screening the delivery of new homes, the owner's concentrated renovation of real estate projects and second-hand housing transactions and old houses with high density of renovation, promoting a new form, new model, new consumer relationship TATA C store new terminal.

At TATA C, the sparrows are small and complete, with product experience, sample display, customer negotiation, design services and other functions. At the same time, the more important business philosophy of TATA C store is to become the decoration process of every owner. : Good neighbors, good consultants, good helpers.

The deep modular design meets the needs of different locations and different market environments, and differentiates customization; it also provides a prerequisite for fast opening. Through the reasonable selection of materials and processes, combined with the mass production of modular display props, TATA C stores will greatly reduce the cost of building stores and reduce the burden on shop owners.

Under the premise of perfect service and rich experience; faster opening speed and lower construction cost are the ultimate pursuit of rapid response business in the new retail era; TATA C shop will also update the odds with the container flash shop. Advanced and more practical ways to continuously explore the direction of the development of the decorative building materials industry, and constantly create new TATA miracles!